About ME:
Hi there! I'm Ace and I'm 26 years old. I've been studying game design and working on MUGEN ZERO since high school. This was before I actually even owned a computer!

I'm mostly into retro gaming (the NES to N64 era), but I can appreciate a good new-fangled game or two. I do, however, have to push the status-quo on what a good game actually is.

I play games for fun, but, as a player, I very much appreciate the aesthetics of good game design.

In my opinion, retro games didn't have awesome graphics or awesome physics, but they were 100x more creative than the vast majority of games these days, despite their limits, and are what actually got us into gaming in the first place.

I may be young, but, unlike a lot of people, I can tell a good game from a marketing gimmick. I prefer games that offer something of substance or that, at least, can offer gratuitous amounts of fun to be had. Despite all the possibilities of all the hardware currently available, games like these are surprisingly scarce these days!

Anyone else see an issue with the quality of games available these days? If so, hit me up!

I'm programming a game that I hope, at least in my small corner of the gaming universe, will change gaming for the better one day!

I've always loved 2D games ever since playing Super Mario Bros. in the NES days. I was only 6 years old when I got my first NES and it's fascinated me ever since.

As a small child, my mind couldn't grasp how Mario could move around on the television screen when I pressed a button. It made me so curious that I watched video games from then on trying to understand how they worked. When I learned that there were people who made games, it was at that point that I wanted to be a game designer.

I remember actually drawing tiny Mario sprites on paper, cutting them out, and drawing levels on notebook paper for them to jump around on. It was far from true game design, but that happened to be enough to start me in the direction of art and animation and, eventually, to the art of game design itself.

MUGEN ZERO is the product of nearly 9 years of studying and prototyping every aspect of game design, from game programming theory to animation. The Zero Engine was a milestone in this understanding and became the groundwork for MUGEN ZERO's game engine. It has been heavily modified since, but I have released this engine as a starting point that aspiring game designers out there might really appreciate.

MUGEN ZERO is much more than a game. It is a dream. A dream that seeks to inspire fun and actual substance in games these days. More than a game designer, however, I am an actual player of my own games. I understand what makes games suck in the same way that I understand what makes them addicting and cool. :)

In case you're wondering, MUGEN ZERO is not my only game, but it is the only game I've developed as a full-blown project. For now, it is PC only, but, in the future, I do have a unique 3D game design comparable to MUGEN ZERO in mind for consoles too... 

For now, let's play some MUGEN ZERO! Don't get your ass kicked though! ;)