-A dynamic side-scrolling multi-PvP online platform fighting engine
-Play as any character you can imagine! :D
-Totally Custom Animations! (pixel-level editing is encouraged!)
-Use powerful ability system to essentially 'program' your character
-Customize how your character feels by tweaking the physics and soundfx
-Expansive interactive environments w/obstacles, enemies, and traps
-Real-time strategy-focused gameplay (NOT based on stats and levels)
-Send opponents flying and ricocheting off walls & ceilings into obstacles
-New opponents offer new visual and/or gameplay experiences
-All characters have custom intros and profiles for pre-fight introductions
-Roleplaying Sandbox via the "Create-an-RPG" game mode
-Emote w/completely personalized animations
-Free Play, Team battles, Battle Royales, and even Team Boss modes
-Create (or download) environments for Roleplay or Fighting modes
-Taunt opponents or roleplay via comic-book style chat
-Achievement system for unique gameplay circumstances (coming soon)
-Enjoy an epic ever-expanding story in the unique story mode
-Unlock more episodes of the story as you challenge more opponents
-Experience incredibly rewarding gameplay tailored specifically for you!

COMPLETELY Personalized Avatar Characters\Environments??

Yep. Completely. No Gimmicks. :)

I wanted to capture the huge spark of creativity that M.U.G.E.N inspired in me, in and of itself, and bring that spark to you -- without the overhead of a huge learning curve or unbalanced gameplay. If you can use any graphics editing program, you can create a character. Unlike M.U.G.E.N, no programming is required. Just select what you want the character to be able to do, export the sprites to edit them (or draw them to your preference), import them, and save your new character. Finally, take your character online and show your awesomeness to the world! :)


Although vastly different, Elecbyte's M.U.G.E.N offers a very compelling feature -- the ability to create an entire fighting game... from scratch. Too bad the tools to do so have vastly steep learning curves, and you are required to, basically, program the game yourself. Programming vague ideas into a working game (in every sense of the word) is a very tedious and complex process, and requires very specific ways of thinking in the first place. A task like this is NOT for the faint of heart. Nor the average gamer.

MUGEN ZERO is not meant as another version of M.U.G.E.N, but, rather, as an alternative to it and a completely unique game altogether. MUGEN ZERO is an online game that lets you to create your own custom game character in any graphics editor and bring your character to life by bringing it online, to interact with others (and their unique characters) in various interesting modes of play.