Below is where the download of MUGEN ZERO will be posted when it is complete. Currently it is still in development, but a demo should be available in the near future.

If you donated, click here for something special. ;)

If you would like to be an early beta tester, your chances increase exponentially if you help the project in any way whatsoever. I'm currently in need of a PHP/mySQL programmer, tileset artist, or just money to make it through the month. As finances are nearly nonexistent right now, any help on that end would be deeply appreciated.

Below is an engine I work on in my spare time for Game Maker that will make game development much more productive for those new to programming and game design. I am using concepts I developed in the past from it to program MUGEN ZERO. Check it out if you want to see just a little of what is involved with professional game making. This is my little contribution to the world. :)

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If you like the idea of MUGEN ZERO or just want the Zero Engine updated a bit more often, please donate. If you do donate, please also let me know who you are. I definitely will remember your contribution.