Saturday, August 21, 2010

Welcome to MUGEN ZERO!

MUGEN ZERO is an online fighting / roleplaying game that plays a little like the N64 Super Smash Bros combined with many retro games such as Super Mario Bros, Metroid, or the Megaman X series while simultaneously including the speed, skill, and strategy of all the coolest Capcom fighters out there, taking place in massive environments designed with the concept of strategy in mind -- all online -- with characters you can draw or edit yourself. 

If that doesn't sound like the MUGEN you're familiar with, you're absolutely right!

MUGEN ZERO is a completely new kind of game -- one that should not to be confused with the MUGEN from the team, Elecbyte. In fact, there are no similarities whatsoever between the two outside the name and the fact that it includes various modes of play using completely custom-made characters.

As this is an online game, there are basic rules involving the size and scope of your avatar's graphics and abilities in order to maintain balance. However that does very little to limit the spectrum of unique characters that may be created. For example, a character such as Mario or Sonic can be created to fight exactly as they would in their respective 2D games. Remember Super Metroid? What if you could make a character like Megaman X with a dash and an air-dash ability shoot in multiple directions like Samus? What if you want your character to fly? What if you want that character to have multiple jumps in the air akin to Kirby and throw bombs like Bomberman? I've got news for you. All this (and more) is possible in MUGEN ZERO thanks to its unique ability system.

Also, if you don't feel like fighting, check out the Create-an-RPG mode! In this mode you can emote with custom avatars, chat freely, fight without rules (as long as the hosting player allows fighting), or roleplay however you wish. This is a sort of sandbox mode where playing around is highly encouraged. After all, I am a firm believer that games are supposed to be fun. How can we have fun if we can't play around in a game sometimes?

MUGEN ZERO is a game for gamers. As a gamer, I like to play for fun just as much as I like to play for challenge. Here's to a game that's built for fun. :)

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