Monday, November 29, 2010


Some of you might be wondering why I classified this game as a Fighting / Roleplaying game, so I figured that I would explain that classification now.

To be honest, MUGEN ZERO was originally planned as a top-down RPG with user-defined elements. However, most top-down RPGs bore me pretty quickly with repetitive gameplay and pointless side quests, so I decided to ditch the top-down perspective and narrative elements, opting instead for unique (fun) gameplay elements with the added ability to let you create your own roleplay scenarios in a similar vein as Dungeons and Dragons using this gameplay. However, something about MUGEN ZERO still didn't feel right to me... Outside of awesome fighting gameplay and roleplay elements, MUGEN ZERO was still kind of bland. To put it simply, MUGEN ZERO had no identity.

That's about to change.

MUGEN ZERO will now feature a story mode that will give you a good idea of the game world and the circumstances surrounding your battles. The story is pretty epic, and strays far away from cliche-ridden plot devices to form a nice well-rounded adventure that defies time and space and plays out something along the lines of Chrono Trigger.

Depending on the number of online battles fought, more of the story can be unlocked as it is updated. The story, however, is not always playable, BUT, in the cases where it is, your battle results could impact future story events.

In addition, the story is much deeper than you would expect from a fighting game (or even a full-on RPG for that matter) and is expected to be updated frequently (and thus is expanded indefinitely). But, if a good story just isn't your thing, the story mode is also optional. :)

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